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Community Engagement

Practicing What We Preach
Hunter Communications and Community Involvement

We counsel our clients on the bottom-line value of community involvement -- lending support to worthy organizations that would benefit from their
engagement. Community involvement is not only a cost-effective way to market a company, products and services, it can be profoundly
rewarding for a company's employees and management.

Hunter Communications has a long history of supporting community groups and organizations. By providing assistance in fundraising, donations of
in-kind services or lending manpower and expertise to a cause, our team benefits greatly in tangible and intangible ways.  

USC's "Swim With Mike" scholarship fund helps physically-challenged athletes overcome tragedy.

The Swim With Mike scholarship fund helps individuals who have suffered a serious accident or an illness. Its mission is to provide financial resources for advanced education so physically-challenged athletes can overcome their tragedies and realize their full potential.  Founded in 1981 at the University of Southern California, the fund has grown to the largest of its kind in the nation.

Swim With Mike and its recipients have become an inspiration for the Hunter Communications team. The above video provides an overview of the scholarship, highlighting the program's annual flagship event at USC.

University of California Berkeley's Choral Ensembles Department provides the opportunity to explore musical styles.

UC Choral Ensembles (UCCE) is the center for extracurricular choral activities at UC Berkeley and offers students exciting performance opportunities to develop their vocal skills and explore a wide variety of musical styles.

The Hunter team lends its support through, among other things, the production of videos of entertaining performances from the diverse groups in the department. While providing our in-house video production team valuable experience, these videos bring exposure to a broader YouTube audience enhancing the department's ability to raise funds in the face of ever-tightening UC budget constraints. 

Check out a playlist of UCCE videos >>

LAPD's Van Nuys Area Police Station gets needed funding from Mid-Valley Community Police Council.

The largest Los Angeles Police Department support group of its kind, the Mid-Valley Community Police Council raises funds for supplemental training, special programs, station improvements and equipment for the Van Nuys Area Police Station. 

This division - not coincidentally - covers the protection area where our Sherman Oaks headquarters resides. We provide in-kind creative services to Mid-Valley Community Police Council such as the organziation's website, social media management and the above video promoting their "Cops & Cowboys" annual fundraiser.